tytraders anabolic steroid prices

buy steroids uk based supplier of quality anabolic steroids

we offer quality products at reasonable prices with no minimum order quantity.

payment by cash via post , bank transfer ,  moneygram. cash on collection  may be arranged .

all prices shown in gbp.

uk recorded delivery 5.00 gbp.

uk next day gauranteed 7.50 gbp.

international post cost on request.

to order email tytraders@safe-mail.net with your order , delivery address and payment option (see above)

please ask for bulk orders prices if you are a reseller.

price list

oral steroids/pct

tamoxifen / Nolvadex (chem tech labs) 20mg x 30 tabs ,single pack £20.00 each.

arimidex anastrozole 1mg x 28 tabs = £35.00 each

Proviron (Mesterolone) Tablets 25Mg chem tech * 20 Tablets £25.00 each.

clomid 50mg x 20 tabs chem tech , £20.00 each.

hcg 1500iu with bacs water pregnyl £20.00 each

dbol (chem tech) 10mg x 100 tabs £30.00

winstrol (chem tech) 10mg x 100 tabs £35.00

winstrol (chem tech) 50mg x 60 tabs £50.00

Turinabol (chem tech) 100 tabs x 10mg £40.00 each

anavar (chem tech)  10mg x 100 tabs £40.00 each

anavar tabs chem tech - Oxanabol 60 x 50mg ,  £50.00 each

 oxymetholone (anadrol) 50mg x 100 tabs chem tech £55.00 pack

sildenfil 100mg pack of 10 tabs £7.95 each strip


Kigtropin HGH (Human Growth Hormone) 10iu * 10 Vials (100Iu) £130.00 kit

Hygetropin 10 * 10Iu Human Growth Hormone / Somatropin (Hgh) Vials (100Iu) £170.00 kit _______________________________________________________________

weight loss

ephedrine generic 100 x 30mg tabs £25.00 (100′s will be bagged) for a factory sealed pack order 1000 tabs

t3 25mg x 30 tabs uni-pharm £15.00 each.(brands may vary)

 chinease clenbuterol 40mcg x 100 tabs £40.00


injectable steroids

test prop chem tech 100mg 10ml vial £30.00 each

super bulk 600mg chem tech 200mg test e,200mg test cyp,200mg test deconate 10ml vial 45.00 each

test 400mg (chem tech) 10ml vial £40.00 each

tri sus 300mg (sustanon) 10ml vial  , £35.00 each.

test e 300mg chem tech labs 10ml vial £35.00

test cyp 300mg chem tech 10ml vial 35.00

onerip 225mg chem tech labs 10ml vial £40.00

 masteron chem tech 100mg x 10ml vial £37.50 each

deca (chem tech) 300mg x 10ml vial £37.50 each

equipoise (boldenone) chem tech 300mg x 10ml vial ,  £40.00 each.

Equitest 400mg chem tech 10ml vial 40.00 each

tren test 300mg chem tech 10ml vial 40.00 each

tri tren 150mg chem tech labs 10ml vial 40.00 each

tren e chem tech 200mg x 10ml vial , £45.00 each.

tren ace chem tech 100mg x 10ml vial , £40.00 each.


others on request so do ask for products not listed.

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